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Eye Exams

Using the latest technology in Mobile Optometry, we provide full-scope examinations helping us diagnose, treat and manage various eye diseases.


All seniors 65+ and children under 19 will have a portion of their examination covered by Medical Service Plan (MSP).


As a full-scope Optometry Clinic, we are equipped with a full range of spectacles to fit anyone’s needs.  


At the end of your examination, our Team will assist you with the selection of your glasses and lenses. Our aim is to ensure you find the right fit whether it’s Progressives, Bifocals, Transition or Basic Reading Glasses.


Contact lenses are a great way to gain freedom from glasses and suitable for most eyes! There are many options available ranging from occasional to full-time wear. A valid glasses prescription is required to get contacts.


Cataracts are one of the most common and treatable eye diseases in senior patients.


Our Team screens all patients for the development of Cataracts and when necessary will refer them to an Ophthalmologist for treatment and/or management.

Dry Eye Syndrome

Some patients experience symptoms that include gritty, irritated and red eyes; this can be characterised as Dry Eye Syndrome.


Dry eye assessments are included in your eye exam and our team offers products to manage this syndrome.​

Diabetic Eye Disease

Due to the strong link between Diabetes and eye disease, we provide all diabetics with a Dilated Examination and screen for Diabetic Retinopathy.

Glaucoma Screening

With an ageing population, Glaucoma is becoming a concern for some patients.  Our Clinic is equipped with the tools necessary to screen for Glaucoma and co-manage with local Ophthalmologists in its treatment.

Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD)

Individuals over the age of 70 are most affected by this degenerative disease. AMD affects your central vision, and for most patients, it is monitored and supported with Vitamins.



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